Getting Your Steps In For Pics

Some days we al need a little extra motivation.

Fortunately my Fitbit tells me I need to get off my duff and do some walking. It’s also a good reminder that I need to go outside and take some photos students around campus.

There are only a handful of days when you can get those great marketable shots because of how the semester falls here in Western Maryland. The trees don’t bloom until a couple weeks before classes end. By that time, the April showers are in full effect.

The summertime turns the campus into a ghost town. A handful of classes are held with a couple providing opportunities for shots, typically off campus. Otherwise, FSU is your summer camp headquarters for anything from basketball, marching band, STEM students and orchestra.

In the fall, you have to hope the leaves turn and stay before the wind gusts blow away your chances of autumn shots. In the winter, finding a day where there’s enough snow on the ground for students to play in without having classes canceled is a game of chance. Too much snow means employees, including myself, can’t come to work.

Last week, we had a few good days. One perfect day happened to be the final day of classes. Our Upper Quad had just about everything I was looking for: a sleeping student and the university’s Rock Climbing Club finding new ways to exercise. Topped it off with two students relaxing with Starbucks at the Echo Circle and I called it a day.


College Engineering Project Opens, Closes Windows With 3D Printers

It’s best to have students to share their work in their own words when possible.

Just the way they talk, their presence and what they do can resonate a lot more than a feature story or a video narrated by someone else.

One mechanical engineering student at Frostburg State, Levi Hartsock, clearly explained his team’s creation — an automatic power window for the home with rain or wind detection.  They even came up with a name: Window Wizard! While the invention itself is rad, the highlight is that components were made using 3D printers at the university.

Levi needed minimal coaching on what to explain, but he did so with charisma and ease. It’s a treat doing these types of videos. All I do is tell the student what chunk to explain next and then stop. It helps prevent rambling and makes editing easier, too.

It also showed that we should do more videos with mechanical engineering majors. They work using CAD programs that can animate their design. One student spent nine hours animating an entire home with this CAD program to show all windows closing on their own. I took his video and popped it in AfterEffects to add rainfall to drive the point across, too.

Personally, I’d like this personal prototype window for my apartment right now. I can’t tell you how many times I leave the windows up for air while I leave for work and a surprise rain storm decides to water my floors.

When Reporting Feels Like Speed Dating

Sometimes gathering content for public relations purposes can be as if not more hectic than reporting.

You’re going to hear about one of those.

Every spring, FSU has an undergraduate and a separate graduate research symposium to show off students’ in-depth projects. Our office hears about several of the research projects during the academic year and writes about them, but others fall through the cracks or the projects are just coming to a point of being reportable.

A couple weeks before, we receive a print-out of a the program with abstracts, student names and advisors. A co-worker and I sift through the program and divvy up who’s going where. Students are set up in a assembly hall with poster presentations, so it’s a lot like going to a conference or a networking event, or yes, speed dating.

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Training for Service with a Smile

Students need to know how to use their leadership skills before leading in the best way that they can.

That’s why Frostburg State University places an emphasis on preparing freshmen as leaders. No matter the student organization, there are opportunities to lead.

At the same time, there is a call to service for these students.

In the fall, 80 freshmen were whisked about an hour away from campus to a bucolic campground in Stoystown, Pa., so they can learn more about themselves and how they work with other people through team-building exercises.

I completed a story used for the Alumni eNews and packaged it with photos I shot and a video I produced, to help round it out so you can get a feel for what’s going on.

My favorite moment captured is the honesty from student Alexis Thomas. It shows you how aware students are of the branding and marketing by colleges and universities to attend. FSU’s tagline is “One University. A World of Experiences” and had an ad campaign to go with it.

“I have a better idea of what Frostburg is about,” said the Bowie resident and biology major. “When they show us the video about how they are one community, I thought they were just saying that to get us to come here. But I see that the professors here, the advisors here, really care, and they really want their students to do well and graduate on time.”

A big part of this trip is to train students who signed up to be a part of ECHOSTARS, which stands for Empowering Communities Helping Others: Service Through Action, Resources and Sustainability. It’s quite the mouthful, but it’s a residential volunteer program at FSU offered through AmeriCorps. FSU also sponsors an AmeriCorps program for Western Maryland.

Here’s an excerpt from Beth Bair, FSU’s National Service coordinator with ECHOSTARS about the experience:

“The goal is to help the students dig deep into their strengths,” Bair said. “All of them have completed the StrengthsQuest Survey, which is part of the Gallup program we do at Frostburg State. Once they learn their top strengths, it’s a matter of what their strengths reveal about them and applying it to this weekend.”

When the students return to FSU, the lessons and experience will serve them well in student organization leadership roles, Bair added, whether it’s working at the Lane University Center, leading a Greek organization or being involved in community service.

Here’s the story in its entirety:

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