Oak Ridge Mills Inching Along in South Hagerstown

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 11.00.54 PMHAGERSTOWN, Md. — A proposed retail and restaurant shopping center in South Hagerstown by Bowman Development is starting to show some movement.

Oak Ridge Mills, located just north of the Sheetz at the South Potomac Street and Oak Ridge Drive intersection, has filed for a grading permit to move dirt, according to Hagerstown city officials.

However, no building permits for any stores, banks or retail spaces have been filed, according to city staff. An updated site plan would still need to be submitted as well.

The project at 1362 S. Potomac St., had its 2008 site plan renewed on July 8, 2015, according to city documents, but that’s just to keep from doing additional paperwork if they decide to change.

It is somewhat risky for developers to show and advertise space before they receive regulatory approvals. Some developments do show prospective spaces to see if they can land an anchor or at least commitments from a couple of tenants to attract others and go through getting the necessary approvals to start construction.

Still, cities could see something where there isn’t enough parking, so square footage is reduced, or a drive-thru isn’t going to work in a certain space.

With that said, the site plan you see above in this post could change drastically or stay close to the sketch. Either way, the city and other agencies haven’t signed off on that plan.

The rumor mill around Hagerstown has pegged a Cheesecake Factory here. Right now, nothing corroborates that rumor. No building permits. Nothing identifying that business on site plans. No company announcement. No job listings for Hagerstown.

Still, I don’t see Cheesecake Factory—if it would ever come to Hagerstown—going at that intersection. It’s in an odd spot near schools, a Sheetz that needs its exterior updated and the neighboring South View Townhomes wouldn’t fit within its upscale casual image.

It would need to be further south, but if anyone knows of a Cheesecake Factory in the same shopping center as a Walmart let me know, but I don’t think there is.

— Charles Schelle | @ImYourChuck


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