Video Portfolio: Charles Schelle

From shooting on a not-so-great Sanyo camcorder, to more powerful smartphones and professional-grade equipment, I’ve had to adapt my video reporting to the tools I’ve been given.

And that goes for the editing software, too.

At BSMG/Patuxent, my videos were completed using iMovie with a Sanyo camera because it was 2008-ish and that’s all Tribune would give the weekly papers. At Patch, it was somewhat worse given a Sony point-and-shoot camera that was narrowly better than that Sanyo. I had better luck shooting with my cell phone. Eventually, the Tampa area sites were able to purchase two Canon XA30’s but they had to be shared with other Patch sites an hour away. Still using iMovie.

At the Bradenton Herald, all videos except the Bealls videos were produced using cell phones and a powerful app called Videolicious that could swiftly edit your footage and insert pre-loaded bumpers while uploading to a YouTube channel. The Bealls videos were using a camera similar to the Canon XA30 and edited using iMovie.

At Frostburg State University, it’s a combination. I’ve used my cell phone out in the woods, a Canon T5i in a swamp and an older model professional-grade Canon camera and one time a cinema-grade Sony I was supplied in a pinch. The video is nowhere near looking like it was Scorsese behind the lens. After using iMovie initially, I learned how to use PremierePro CC and a bit of AfterEffects to produce better videos.

The playlist you see is a selection of videos throughout my career. Even the not-so-great ones. For instance, the Zamboni video from 2010 with its bad lighting and so-so sound, won a press association award. Back then it anyone who could do video for a paper was given a pat on the back for something that was watchable. I—and the industry—have come a long way.



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